Docebo uses AI to remove complexity in their cloud environment

Docebo is one of the largest providers of online learning platforms, used by six million users globally, providing a learning management system for companies and their employees, partners, and customers.

With a mandate geared towards ‘changing the way people learn’, Docebo needs to deliver new services and features regularly to its customers while ensuring it all works perfectly. Prior to using Dynatrace, Docebo struggled with a lack of visibility into its complex cloud environment and needed a new way of monitoring, that would give precise answers about performance, find issues down to a line of code, and help them understand how to optimize user experiences.

In this video, Andrea Spoldi talks about how with Dynatrace Docebo now has full visibility of its entire IT landscape from the network to the application layer, in a single view, and delivers automated baselines and metrics of the infrastructure to help make better business decisions.

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